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Our School

Vision & Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an enriching learning environment which promotes the flourishing of all. 

Our Vision

love to learn, learn to love 

'My commandment is this: love one another as I have loved you.’ John 15 v12

Our vision is deeply rooted in love, unlocking potential and opening doors through our shared Christian faith.

A beacon in the wider community, guiding others and shining light on one another to live well together.

Creating well-rounded individuals who flourish and celebrate life in all its fullness through a broad and balanced curriculum and wider opportunities; developing wisdom, knowledge and skills.

Treating each person as a unique individual, celebrating differences; showing dignity and respect for all.

Joining together on the same path, whatever the starting point, to guide one another to fulfil our full potential with hope and aspiration.

Rainbow values underpinning all that we do.


Our Ethos Statement

Farnsfield St. Michael’s C of E Primary School (VA) is a school that at its heart as the Bible verse:

‘My commandment is this: love one another as I have loved you.’ John 15 v12

This underpins all that we do and is encapsulated by our mission statement of ‘love to learn, learn to love’

The ethos of our School is one of support, nurture and challenge and is underpinned by a set of rainbow values chosen by the children that apply to staff and pupils alike. These are displayed in a wonderful mural in our entrance hall and include: Happiness, Respect, Forgiveness, Responsibility, Honesty, Acceptance and Perseverance.

We encourage all members of our School (pupils, staff, parents/carers, governors and visitors) to feel valued. We achieve this through providing an excellent education rooted in the Christian tradition of the Church of England. As part of this we are inclusive and welcoming of different viewpoints of faith.

Aims of the School

At Farnsfield St. Michael’s C of E Primary School we aim to create a learning environment where all individuals can:

• Have a positive self-image
• Be excited by being at school
• Feel a valued and significant member of the school community
• Develop a love of learning
• Feel secure in a happy and friendly atmosphere
• Strive for excellence in all areas of learning
• Experience learning in a wide variety of contexts

To achieve these aims the school will provide a rich curriculum which is broad, balanced and creative, promoting life in all it's fullness. It will be designed to meet the needs and abilities of all pupils. The learning and teaching practise of the school will take into account different learning styles. We recognise that all individuals operate in different ways and with different strengths. The school will strive to ensure that an inclusive approach is adopted in regard to individual needs, celebrating each child's uniqueness.

Our approach to education is to put the individual child at the centre of all our work. The aims of the school have as a focus a desire to develop the academic ability of individuals along with their emotional, social, physical and spiritual dimension. There will be high expectations of all individuals to enable each and every one to flourish.