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At Farnsfield St Michael’s, we highly value the importance of PE and every child receives 2 hours of teaching and activity every week.

PE is important for many reasons including some of the following:

  • Promoting a healthy active lifestyle
  • Improving fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Learning the gross and fine motor skills that impact many other areas of learning such as writing
  • It enables children to take part in healthy competition in a range of sporting activities
  • Children develop skills in cooperation, leadership and problem solving
  • Physical movement is linked with enhanced brain functioning and better concentration
  • It allows children to demonstrate skills and abilities they otherwise may not have the opportunity to
  • PE enables children to make new friends through taking part in different sports clubs, developing social and communication skills
  • It teaches children to take part in healthy competition and to deal gracefully with success and defeat whilst building confidence and self esteem
  • PE can teach children self-discipline skills through personal development including fair play, honesty and good sportsmanship

PE lessons at St Michael’s follow sequences that develop children’s skills, are fun, inclusive and challenging and engaging to all children.