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Autumn 1 - Daffodils - What if our lives never changed?

This half term, our topic is 'The History of Me!'. The children will be learning about themselves and their family members. They will also be looking at how their lives, and the lives of others, have changed over time. 

The topic this half term will support the children's journey to self-discovery. This journey will equip the children with tools to make connections with others, celebrate differences, and be respectful and kind. These qualities are deeply rooted in our Rainbow Values and Rainbow Rules and will support the children to flourish into self-reflective individuals. 


To explore our topic, we will be studying the following stories: 'Starting School' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, 'Peepo' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, 'When I was young' by James Dunbar and Martin Remphry and 'Mr Big' by Ed Vere.